ENERGY-[R]EVOLUTION: LAND: Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy


By Damian Holmes, on November 20th, 2011

The City of Melbourne in Australia has developed an urban forest strategy as the expect to lose 27% of the city’s tree population in the next decade and 44% in the next twenty years. As the world’s most liveable city it realises that trees are a major part…

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The Street Aesthetic of Berlin,  by Christian Andersen - the second of his visualisations capturing the aesthetics and “urban vibe” of cities. 

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The Reverse Graffiti Project by Doug Pray - a documentary featuring reverse graffiti artist Moose and creative responses to the polluted and denigrated spaces of the city - in this case, San Francisco’s tunnel. (Via Grist) 

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A Pop-Up City of 3 million created as the annual Hajj to Mecca gets underway in Saudi Arabia. The Atlantic Cities has compiled a series of images and video from this temporary agglomeration.

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From This is My England

From This is My England

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A helmet-cam study in Australia has revealed that motorists are to blame for the vast majority of cycling crashes - as this post - with links to further videos - on outlines: 

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Police handing out hugs and helmets to cyclists in Denmark? 

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Slavoj Žižek: on why we should accept our full alienation from nature. “One of the consquences of ecological crisis will be that this basically American way of live, vision of free spending, this individualist liberty … we will have to get out of this and invent a new mode of living together.”

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